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Shetewy Pay API is the first payment gateway that helps you to accept payments using online and offline gateways via 17+ channels, in 5 countries, and with fair pricing.

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Our All-New API

A smart payment gateway that supports "your international customers" with the ability to pay for your services through online or offline gateways available around them through +17 different payment methods.

Efficient & Smart

A group of smart services that helps your business to start accepting online and offline payments via +9 local and international gateway, and connects you with millions of potential users.

Your customers can top-up super easily!

Almost all online and offline payment gateways are around! Your users can top-up and pay you using Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Western Union, Bank Transfer, Bank Deposit, MoneyGram, Street shops, mobile credit, Shetewy Pay Gift Cards, and more!


Developers-friendly Documentation

It’s easy to add Shetewy Pay to your project. We’ve developed integration guides and technical documentation to help you get started. A simple, easy to use user interface includes all what you need to start implementing our services quickly. Connect to our technical support or book a support session.


We charge 1% + $0.25 only

We charge 1% + $0.25 for every successful transaction. This comes with super easy withdrawl gateways, and money transfer capabilities. Check Service Fees

API Requests per second per every verified business account
An average number of potential users that can use any of the available top-up gateways.
Our technical support agents are ready to assist anytime in English, Arabic, and French.

Online, and offline!

Shetewy Pay accepts a wide range of top-up channels and enables your potential customers to pay for your services using easy and available gateways, around them.
American Express
Western Union
Vodafone Cash
SWIFT Transfer
IBAN Transfers
Banque De L'Habitat
Crédit du Maroc
Banque Du Caire
United Bank of Egypt
Bank of Khartoum
Shetewy Pay Gift Cards

API Plans

Now you can start for free and pay as you go for additional services or features in just a few lines of code.


$ 0
Default Account Plan
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    25 calls per second
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    500 transactions per day
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    Sandbox: 2 calls / second
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    Email Support
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    WordPress Plugin
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    Supports Java, .Net, Python
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$ 375
Per month
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    550 calls per second
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    Unlimited transactions per day
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    Sandbox: 150 calls / second
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    Account Manager
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    Priority Email Support
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    WordPress Plugin
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    Supports Java, .Net, Python
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Learn more about frequently asked questions, contact support if you have any further inquiries.
On Shetewy Pay Developers Portal, choose any of the API plans to proceed with the registeration. Or create a new account by visiting our website www.shetewypay.com and choose "Create New Business Account" and after accepting Shetewy Pay API Portal and Services Agreement, you can start developing apps.
These APIs are currently for developers or existing partners with web or mobile apps and want to accept payments using Shetewy Pay. If you do not have an integration with Shetewy Pay, use any of our APIs plans to get started.
If you have any questions about integrating the service to your project, please contact with us.
API is the abbreviation for “Application Programming Interface”. An API allows a third party application to use a common set of services via a defined interface.
Basically create a business account on Shetewy Pay and afterward make at least one applications. Every application will get its own API key. When your application is all set live you can request an upgrade plan, or contact support.
REST (Representational State Transfer) is a simple stateless architecture, i.e. the data sent to and received from the service determines each process entirely. If this architecture is used by a web server, it is referred to as a REST API - please visit http:/www.restapitutorial.com/lessons/whatisrest.html.
Inside the API specs account, and with responses, you can see descriptions of different error responses. The Error Description field in a reply is intended to send the user a message in detail. Refer to the information on the error code that details what the error code means and how to treat this error code.
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